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Rock Lake Activity Center INC
Personal Training

Personal Training

Session packages are good for 6 months from the date of purchase. Personal Training Sessions means one meeting.

One-on-One Training - Individually customized workouts, flexible training times.

                                             1 Session                                5 Sessions                           $10 Sessions  

Member                                      $40                                          $175                                       $300
Non-Member                              $45                                          $200                                       $350

Partner Training - Weight loss, increased strength, better athletic performance, etc.  If you have a friend, spouse or family member with similar workout goals, then partner training will be great for you.  Pick your partner and you both will enjoy working out with a trainer at a discounted rate.  Flexible training times
Session packages are good for 6 months from the date of purchase.

 Per Person                           1 Session                                5 Sessions                           10 Sessions
 Member                                    $30                                          $125                                      $200

Non-Member                             $35                                          $150                                      $250

Small Group Training - With small group training you will get the benefits of a personal trainer and a customized workout.  In exchange for sharing some of your trainer's attention and commitment to a ten week time slot, you will receive training sessions at our best price.  You will receive ten sessions in ten consecutive weeks, if you miss a session, you cannot make it up.  

10 week sessions with specific workout time
Groups of 3 - 4 people
You will work closely with your trainer during each workout
There may be variations between the workouts each person in the group does.
You do not have to find your own group

Members:  $150
Non-Members: $200

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Please email us or call (920)945-0156 for additional information.Meet our personal trainer!  


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