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One of the original terms for Kung Fu in China is “Quanfa” which translates to “Fist Law”. In Japanese it translates to “Kenpo”. As the art of Kenpo moved through Japan, Okinawa, Hawaii and America, it changed and evolved based on the ideas of the practitioners and instructors. Kenpo’s core principles encompass linear and circular attack line theory. Physically we use rapid hand and foot combinations to take and control our opponents center while stopping their attack. There is a moderate amount of exercise specific to improving posture and strengthening the core and legs. Stretching to retain or increase flexibility and some tumbling to learn how to fall without injury. For those who enjoy martial arts, it is a good way to practice or learn self-discipline. It can help someone to keep in shape or even change their shape if so desired. It also challenges the mind and body to think and move in some effective but unusual ways.


Participants are expected to wear comfortable clothing that they can move in easily but is not too baggy. No special uniforms are required to participate.


Tel: +920.945.0156

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